Manor House and Barn

These are some examples of Alastair's work at Manor House & Barn. This includes stone wall re-building, re-pointing, installation of damp proofing and an internal stone floor and insulation.

Manor House re-pointing Manor barn re-building

Manor House Pointing

The whole house was re-pointed to maintain weather protection and appearance.

Manor Barn Rebuild

This is the garage wall that was leaning outwards. The wall was taken down and re-built and pointed, to give this beautiful appearance.

Damp proofing work

Damp Proofing Installation

To reduce a problem with damp in an old stone wall, a block wall 2 inches off the face of the house was added. This created a cavity so that the damp would not strike through into the house. A perforated drain was run on the outside to take any water away from the house. This block work was capped as shown in the next photo.
Completed damp proofing work

Completed Damp Proofing

The completed damp proofing work, capped with stone slabs.

Damp proofing work

Preparation for the Stone Floor

A damp proof membrane and underfloor insulation was installed to meet building regulation requirements.
Completed damp proofing work

New Stone Slab Floor

A decorative stone floor was installed, over the insulation.